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Body Extended, Self-Construal

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“Body ExTended, Self-Construal” explores how social platforms can trigger a social comparison and dissemination of ideal images between people, which eventually influence the person’s self-concept and gender identity. Due to several communities that started to become increasingly visible on the internet, the individual began to feel an invulnerable affinity to invest in ego and material goods. This is usually caused by self-induced shifts in consciousness which makes personality malleable and where the body assumes a new identity that starts to incorporate the ideal self.

Ideals of beauty and comfort access the human brain in an infinite number of enigmatic values. The compound set of the organism’s observable traits (its phenotype) is not, as might be intuitively assumed and fully contained within the organism itself, but in fact includes several notions of self extension caused by the dispersion of the actual self across various networks.

Partly, the ideal self is molded by several elements of our culture. Body custom products, plastic surgery and even the projection of the ego through online testimonials and photoshopped imagery can help one reach the ideal self and can be seen as instruments of becoming something more. But if the gap between the real and ideal self is larger than usual, then online connections steps in. Gender-switch communities on facebook; statements of body-morphing and gender (or species) swap fantasies shared on DeviantArt forums and through the easiness of 4chan’s anonymity; exposed intimacy on instagram and tumblr… all of these social online interactions implicitly connect and store the virtual conception of how certain people would like to be to the body’s execrable accuracy. “Body ExTended, Self-Construal” gets inside a person’s trajectory between the loss of innocence to the creation of the ideal self where the body image is a product of various social and cultural forces and it is as immediately mutable as if it was a .psd file.
Video: The ExTended Uman. Nuno Patrício feat. Egle Kulbokaite and Dorota Gaweda, YGRG#4 on BCR, 2015