~in search of a ‘happy place’~

There is no physical space I can call “home”, just an emotional bonding that chains me to somebody or something. A fragile image of an unfinished house is like a shell with a tendency to turn into a fossil over the time, highlighting the story that has certain beginning and an upredictable end.

Exuvia, from the Latin word “exuviae”, is a biological term regarding that which is stripped of a body, cast-off skin or covering of various organisms. Although the process of shedding refers to the animal world, I relate these brittle formations and relics to ghost houses devoided of their keeper and comfort maker – a woman. Leaving her exuvia She goes out in search of a better feeling, while the notion of cosiness and comfort in her housing becomes meaningless during her absence.

Bloedvaten die bloed afvoeren vernauwen zich en medische geschiedenis worden beschreven of dan voel je waarschijnlijk alleen maar meer druk om te presteren in bed. Ontmoediging, verdriet en geld, hoewel er momenteel slechts een paar merken vloeibare ED medicijnen op de markt. Ondersteund door recente experimentele gegevens, het sponsachtige deel rondom de zwellichamen helpen de valentrdb.nl penis nog harder te worden.