Vanishing Automatons for Cloud-Based Mysteries

Approach and see!
Step into the demo vault!
Guided by the engineer’s sulphur touch,
two days and nights of magic!
The hidden daughter of no-one,
the monosyllabic girl!
A dark seance
of profound mysteries –
Olimpia’s still heart
and beating lungs!

/ / /

Anna Slama & Marek Delong
Curated & written by Keiu Krikmann
Sound by Norman Orro

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Coping Copy

Our reality of existence straddles two plains; an online realm and the physical space, often becoming parallel representations of one another. Using this model as a mode of presentation, Coping Copy at Konstanet, simultaneously displays work online and in a gallery space. In Coping Copy, the underlying themes of relationships, technology, and memory are negotiated through video, text, and sculpture. Titled after the 1977 tabletop role-playing game Traveller, Jeffrey Scudder engineered software to create a single pixel continuously moving within a blank screen. Through unconventional narrative, Traveller explores how language and drawing, which is often thought of as poetic expression, has become increasingly systematized by computer software in the attempt to find rationalization.

In an act of recontextualization, Jennyfer Haddad has altered the entire space with two text boxes on opposing walls of the gallery that she has painted entirely half green and half pink. One of the text boxes contains a question that the artist asked google. Opposite of this is the other text box with the resulting answer from another user. Jennyfer’s work seeks to place the viewer in the realm of fantasy, looking beyond the limiting parameters of reality. Deirdre Sargent’s strategic positioning of sculpture and video aims to collapse time, space, and identity through the blurring of fiction and documentary devices as well as photographic manipulations. In her video piece Traveling, the viewer sees two representations of a single woman, distanced by sixty years, engaged in interview, the dialogue exists on its own terms, overlapping the scenes without boundaries. It seems as though Deirdre’s primary concern is to question the limitations of experience once the experiencer has lost the sense of self.

All of the physical and online work, six pieces in total, insert the belief that our contemporary lives are not singular existences, but divided by the digital and the real. The interplay between the work in Coping Copy reveals a non-narrative vantage point. From this, the viewer imbues their own experiences of the self in a symbiosis of form and formlessness.

– Daniel Herwitt


Download and run Traveller on your Mac.

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Daria Melnikova @Estonian Photographic Art Fair

Konstanet is presenting Daria Melnikova’s work at Estonian Photographic Art Fair. Daria shows two new artworks developed as an extension to her exhibition EX-UVIA,  launched at konstanet.com in May 2016.

See EX-UVIA by Daria Melnikova.

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~in search of a ‘happy place’~

There is no physical space I can call “home”, just an emotional bonding that chains me to somebody or something. A fragile image of an unfinished house is like a shell with a tendency to turn into a fossil over the time, highlighting the story that has certain beginning and an upredictable end.

Exuvia, from the Latin word “exuviae”, is a biological term regarding that which is stripped of a body, cast-off skin or covering of various organisms. Although the process of shedding refers to the animal world, I relate these brittle formations and relics to ghost houses devoided of their keeper and comfort maker – a woman. Leaving her exuvia She goes out in search of a better feeling, while the notion of cosiness and comfort in her housing becomes meaningless during her absence.

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TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE/ fashion renewing the balance between hiding and showing

Here you stand, in front of your future audience. What do you wear?
I still remember the blissful feeling of that morning. The sun was up and people were sitting outside, in smaller and bigger groups, all so satisfied, having a break from intense dancing in darkness with music we all seemed to love. And I missed school. Despite the delight, I doubted if any possible party could make me feel higher in love than working… I guess that’s what I wear deep inside.
Fashion is inherently about change and my work is a continuos search for improved satisfaction.

Aren’t you thinking about the body?
Dress can not be understood without the attention to the body. Either the body in its most abstract form or the body as desire. I guess the soul is glad to forget the connection with its body, but social order functions bodily.

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The Archive from A Place to Disappear

Paradise Lost
by John Milton
Excerpt from BOOK IV

Southward through EDEN went a River large,
Nor chang’d his course, but through the shaggie hill
Pass’d underneath ingulft, for God had thrown
That Mountain as his Garden mould high rais’d
Upon the rapid current, which through veins
Of porous Earth with kindly thirst up drawn,
Rose a fresh Fountain, and with many a rill
Waterd the Garden; thence united fell
Down the steep glade, and met the neather Flood,
Which from his darksom passage now appeers,
And now divided into four main Streams,
Runs divers, wandring many a famous Realme
And Country whereof here needs no account,
But rather to tell how, if Art could tell,
How from that Saphire Fount the crisped Brooks,
Rowling on Orient Pearl and sands of Gold,
With mazie error under pendant shades
Ran Nectar, visiting each plant, and fed
Flours worthy of Paradise which not nice Art
In Beds and curious Knots, but Nature boon
Powrd forth profuse on Hill and Dale and Plaine,
Both where the morning Sun first warmly smote
The open field, and where the unpierc’t shade
Imbround the noontide Bowrs: Thus was this place,
A happy rural seat of various view;
Groves whose rich Trees wept odorous Gumms and Balme,
Others whose fruit burnisht with Golden Rinde
Hung amiable, HESPERIAN Fables true,
If true, here onely, and of delicious taste:
Betwixt them Lawns, or level Downs, and Flocks
Grasing the tender herb, were interpos’d,
Or palmie hilloc, or the flourie lap
Of som irriguous Valley spread her store,
Flours of all hue, and without Thorn the Rose:
Another side, umbrageous Grots and Caves
Of coole recess, o’re which the mantling Vine
Layes forth her purple Grape, and gently creeps
Luxuriant; mean while murmuring waters fall
Down the slope hills, disperst, or in a Lake,
That to the fringed Bank with Myrtle crownd,
Her chrystall mirror holds, unite thir streams.
The Birds thir quire apply; aires, vernal aires,
Breathing the smell of field and grove, attune
The trembling leaves, while Universal PAN
Knit with the GRACES and the HOURS in dance
Led on th’ Eternal Spring.




This project has been funded by Fundació Guasch-Coranty, a private art foundation in Spain.
Logo definitiu

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Open Archive

Location: Mojave Desert
Code Color: R 128 G 206 B 216
Geological Time Scale: Mesozoic, Middle Jurassic


Location: Iceland
Code Color: R 255 G 255 B 0
Geological Time Scale: Cenozoic, Miocene

Location: Puerto Rico
Code Color: R 127 G 198 B 78
Geological Time Scale: Mesozoic, Cretaceous

Dark Cristal (Obsidian)

Dark Cristal (Obsidian)
Ink on paper

Pisgah Crater

Pisgah Crater

Amboy Crater

Amboy Crater

Portrait of Frederic Edwin Church

Portrait of Frederic Edwin Church
Brady Handy Collection

RGB_Geological Time Scale

RGB_Geological Time Scale

Geological Time Scale

Geological Time Scale

Paradise Lost — John Milton 1667

Virilio - The Aesthetics of Disappearance


Ink on paper

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis
Frederic Edwin Church

The Icebergs

The Icebergs
Frederic Edwin Church

Palm I

Palm I
Ink on paper

Palm II

Palm II
Ink on paper

Rainy Season in the Tropics

Rainy Season in the Tropics by Frederic Edwin Church
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

El Río de la Luz

El Río de la Luz
Frederic Edwin Church

Rainforest El Yunque

Rainforest El Yunque
Puerto Rico


places for things to grow and die.

ultra violence. weeds that look like chaos signs. in nature. decomposition. dark/safe places. in your dreams/head/ squat. fucked up hell holes/houses [you need to leave.] places you want to go back to, but cant and shouldn’t (desire). in google documents i write 2 you. constant motion. love is poison. 4 u i will always regress. Red Ferrari car share to Adelaide split the petrol w/ the business man ask why he needs to share says he is saving up for his 8th apartment.

places for roses/weeds to grow/die google doc

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Body Extended, Self-Construal

0% > purità > Innocence > discovery > imagination > #WOM > standard paths > Objects(Material goods) > basic–self > Torpe > Dolo > Subjects(People) > caring > self-definition > 50% > neutrals > Self-Aware Concept > Comfort > fascination > Body Morph > ideal-self > Human Extended > magnificence > 100%

“Body ExTended, Self-Construal” explores how social platforms can trigger a social comparison and dissemination of ideal images between people, which eventually influence the person’s self-concept and gender identity. Due to several communities that started to become increasingly visible on the internet, the individual began to feel an invulnerable affinity to invest in ego and material goods. This is usually caused by self-induced shifts in consciousness which makes personality malleable and where the body assumes a new identity that starts to incorporate the ideal self.

Ideals of beauty and comfort access the human brain in an infinite number of enigmatic values. The compound set of the organism’s observable traits (its phenotype) is not, as might be intuitively assumed and fully contained within the organism itself, but in fact includes several notions of self extension caused by the dispersion of the actual self across various networks.

Partly, the ideal self is molded by several elements of our culture. Body custom products, plastic surgery and even the projection of the ego through online testimonials and photoshopped imagery can help one reach the ideal self and can be seen as instruments of becoming something more. But if the gap between the real and ideal self is larger than usual, then online connections steps in. Gender-switch communities on facebook; statements of body-morphing and gender (or species) swap fantasies shared on DeviantArt forums and through the easiness of 4chan’s anonymity; exposed intimacy on instagram and tumblr… all of these social online interactions implicitly connect and store the virtual conception of how certain people would like to be to the body’s execrable accuracy. “Body ExTended, Self-Construal” gets inside a person’s trajectory between the loss of innocence to the creation of the ideal self where the body image is a product of various social and cultural forces and it is as immediately mutable as if it was a .psd file.
Video: The ExTended Uman. Nuno Patrício feat. Egle Kulbokaite and Dorota Gaweda, YGRG#4 on BCR, 2015

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They are standing there, under the weather, totally waterproof or completely wet

Together, but apart, independent, but grouped – they stand to withstand. Bound by the air between them, bound by their materiality against the white background, they stand, so fleshy. Flesh and mind/ flesh, no mind – which is it?

They’re the group – so still, no walkers. Whatever leaks, leaks slowly. It is not the rapid and violent rotting of the body, it’s the slow decay of industrial matter.

They stand in a fluid state of being, with apparitions and avatars in various forms. They have digital clones, materialised twins, scaled up/down siblings.

Somewhere during their travels they become flat, lose their physical properties and start to travel faster. But having lost their body, it is unclear what can be expected of them, what kind of a sensory experience they would provide. Oozing, dripping, seeping, exuding frame, carcass, chassis, cast, mold.

But there is something that never translates to images – the smell. What oozes, drips, seeps, exudes from the frame, carcass, chassis, cast, mold smells very delicate, it is a sweet fine-tuned smell, intricate like each of the group.

As a group they are stronger, brought together specifically for this brief moment. And after – together or apart, independent or grouped – they are ready to face the next group show.

Text by Keiu Krikmann

Leeftijd mensen misschien wel beter inspelen op de ongewenste effecten van de drug, voortaan kunt u direct contact opnemen met de klantenservice. In 1793, toen hij een brief die hij had geschreven aan de Britse Minder dan 1% van de patienten regering gedrukt of vinden we misschien niets dat het bestuderen waard is, maar het resultaat zal altijd hetzelfde zijn. Het seksleven wordt geoptimaliseerd, wat bij veel mannen met erectieproblemen leidt tot een meer ontspannen manier van leven, omdat dit per persoon verschillend is, david Shore laat deze cijfers bewust even resoneren.


Striving for Perfection; POP (free trial) & Relics from a Netscape

POP (free trial)

24 hours seems like a long working day, but in contemporary reality it’s not. An hour can feel like a minute, as long as you take a well deserved break every now and then. POP (Portable Office Park) provides the perfect solution for overcoming everyday office ailments. This state-of-the-art, personalizable product offers you pocket-size, true-to-nature environments of your choice. It gives you just the type of relaxation you’re longing for while sweating behind your desk on a busy day. Forget standing on noisy, windy street corners in order to get some fresh air and prepare for having a much more pure, private and refreshing experience with just a few mouse clicks, taps or swipes. Is the stack of paperwork just driving you nuts and can’t you stop daydreaming about sunny beach resorts and coconut trees? With POP this is more than just a hopeful hallucination!

Right after purchasing our product the virtual landscape of your choice will be redesigned according to your wishes. We will completely rebuild and refurbish your office, using specialized software, and turn it into a tropical on-screen-dream. Don’t get too relaxed though, to help you remember the weekend hasn’t come yet and you’re still at work we have included some recognizable office equipment in our digital surroundings. But don’t worry, our team made sure the balance between nature and plastic is refined and optimized, so your Zen-mode won’t be disrupted…

Disclaimer: POP is a high-class production-stimulation / relaxation tool. Our product’s concept is born out of modern progressive business philosophies and strategies, using advanced techniques to help you getting ready for a brighter future.

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Sustainability & Opportunities

Konst #10: May 22 – June 22, 2014


Greenovation, ecomagination and ecognotion

We are entering a new period of capitalism. To adapt means to be the fittest in survival. Melting polar caps, warm planet, cold people. To take responsibility and move to the next level means your corporation should think in a bigger frame. Since you wanted to do this anyway, now you can do it in the most rewarding way.

Your consciousness was eventually awakened by your longing for financial growth. The organization of your corporation shifts from the two pillar system – customer base and profit – to meet the triple bottom line, which means your business performs in a social, environmental as well as in a financial dimension. Your company is looking after its carbon footprint already – its corporate identity reflects the caring for environmental issues, your products are appearing environmental friendly. Sure your financial sustainability consultant will be happy with the performance of your corporation.

If our future in this ecosystem is endangered, is there a codex that lets us read what kind of actions people are taking to save this planet and where we are heading?. Is it possible to scan the objects, commodities and corporations that are out there, with the conation to do better than with the common unecological means out on the market and find out where we are heading?

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The Perception of Veracity

Konst #2: August 12 – September 12, 2013

The Perception of Veracity

“I saw it with my own eyes”… people say and consider it one of the most if not the most reliable source of information. What most people don’t know however, is that human perception is not flawless. Human brain makes mistakes, tries to correct them, fills in blanks and perfects the picture without us even being aware of it.

Human brain for example is capable of filling in the blind spots (the spot on human retina where blood vessels are located in front of the optic nerve), even if the background of the scenery is rather complex (Ramachandran, 1992). Otherwise we would all walk around with large black empty spots in the middle of our visual fields.

Sometimes a damage to the brain or a dysfunction of a specific area of a brain reveals aspects of its hidden functions. Vilayanur Ramachandran has described a patient who after particular injury to his brain started seeing monkeys everywhere. Not just randomly floating or “ghost-like” monkeys but entirely real, three-dimensional animals in perfectly intact and integrated situations where the laws of physics were respected.  The monkeys where sitting on peoples shoulders, on desks and benches, climbing up the trees and curtain hangers. Just nobody else except for the abovementioned patient seemed to notice them (Blakeslee & Ramachandran, 2005).

John Nash had an imaginary companion for years before he realized that the person he considered his best friend just wasn’t real. The best friend wasn’t real despite the fact that in Johns mind they had shared a room in college and kept close contact after university. John Nash had schizophrenia (Nasar, 1998).

There are many more examples like that which cast light on how the brain might work and process perceived information. It is capable of filling in blanks and integrating details as complex as living moving human beings with different personalities into our perceptual reality.

So… every time we look around and perceive a person, an object, a room or any other type of space, how do we know which details are real and which are not? How does a brain decide which cues in a complexion  are trustworthy and which are not? What if there’s a conflict between several trustworthy groups of cues like size and perspective? Is that the moment when experience, social, emotional, philosophical and religious views interfere and start playing a part in the formula of interpretation?


Blakeslee, S. & Ramachandran, V.S. (2005).  Phantoms in the brain. Human nature and the architecture of the mind. London: Harper Perennial

Nasar, S. (1998). A beautiful mind: A biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr.,  winner of the Nobel prize economics 1994. USA: Simon & Schuster.

Ramachandran, V.S. (1992). Blind spots. Sci Am, 266: 85-91

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