Fuchsia version 3 rebooted

She was always thought of but never touched. Her soft skin turned to angles, her fertile lands to blocks of colour.

The descendant of “Magic: The Gathering” and first-person video games that are based on explorations rather than solving tasks.

There are five basic lands – plains, islands, swamps, forests and mountains. And you choose one. You are looking into her eyes, the eyes of an exhibition. This is Fuchsia version 3.

Fuchsia version 3 is the last chapter of Maria Metsalu’s project “Fuchsia”.


Music: mobilegirl
Voice edit: Steve Martin Snider
Texts adapted from:
“Dear Esther”  (The Chinese Room)
“Firewatch” (Campo Santo)
“Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” (The Chinese Room, SIE Santa Monica Studio)
“The Void” (Ice-Pick Lodge, ND Games)
“CHYRZA” (Kitty Horrorshow)