You can get on this Internet and talk to people all over the place... It's amazing!         
(Angelina Jolie, 1994) 
Who remembers internet optimism – the Internet as the great equaliser? It was supposed to be a new world – the Cold War is over, let's start again, everyone is invited. 

Yes, this Internet is still pretty amazing, but the magic has faded. Online not everyone is equal; online not everything is equal. The hierarchies and power struggles of the offline world seep into the digital sphere and online events have very real consequences offline. These two realms are caught in an infinite loop in which hierarchies of power are produced and reproduced. 

Offering the concept of ‘digital peripheries’ as a starting point we invite artists to explore the various ways in which the digital realm – far from being merely a flatland – might provoke new ways of thinking about the meaning of notions like ‘centre’ and ‘periphery'. 
In the first edition of Digital Peripheries Konstanet will be screening:
Running Soldier (2014) by Vytautas Jouzėnas, Vida Strasevičiūtė and Raiko Suits 
State of Cloud (2014) by SKATKA

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S T O R E: official office
Recess: official office
Konstanet: official office
TBA: official office
July 1, 2014-July 1, 2015
On July 1, 2014, S T O R E launched official office on two shelves in Recess’s Soho office space. Simultaneously, Recess launched official office on two identical shelves in S T O R E’s Dresden office space. Over the course of the year, additional art spaces around the world were invited to join official office by installing the official shelves in their office space.
The project’s proliferation is documented on, the site of Recess’s online residency program.
official office consists of two Ikea shelves. On the left shelf is a monitor with rotating video programming selected by invited official office participants. On the right shelf is a vase with a flower selected by official office participants and a clock set to local time. Videosof each official office programs will be uploaded to photographs of the official events will also be available on the Recess Analog website.
Given the enforcement of prescribed start times, the video streams will run mostly 24-hours aday, concurrently around the world, officially. This creates a bootleg broadcast experience, a simulacrum of the shared viewing event live TV offers. Like playing music for houseplants, playing videos in offices stimulates health and well-being.
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More information:

Contact to purchase a set or for official office inquiries.