Striving for Perfection; POP (free trial) & Relics from a Netscape

POP (free trial)

24 hours seems like a long working day, but in contemporary reality it’s not. An hour can feel like a minute, as long as you take a well deserved break every now and then. POP (Portable Office Park) provides the perfect solution for overcoming everyday office ailments. This state-of-the-art, personalizable product offers you pocket-size, true-to-nature environments of your choice. It gives you just the type of relaxation you’re longing for while sweating behind your desk on a busy day. Forget standing on noisy, windy street corners in order to get some fresh air and prepare for having a much more pure, private and refreshing experience with just a few mouse clicks, taps or swipes. Is the stack of paperwork just driving you nuts and can’t you stop daydreaming about sunny beach resorts and coconut trees? With POP this is more than just a hopeful hallucination!

Right after purchasing our product the virtual landscape of your choice will be redesigned according to your wishes. We will completely rebuild and refurbish your office, using specialized software, and turn it into a tropical on-screen-dream. Don’t get too relaxed though, to help you remember the weekend hasn’t come yet and you’re still at work we have included some recognizable office equipment in our digital surroundings. But don’t worry, our team made sure the balance between nature and plastic is refined and optimized, so your Zen-mode won’t be disrupted…

Disclaimer: POP is a high-class production-stimulation / relaxation tool. Our product’s concept is born out of modern progressive business philosophies and strategies, using advanced techniques to help you getting ready for a brighter future.

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