Sustainability & Opportunities

Konst #10: May 22 – June 22, 2014


Greenovation, ecomagination and ecognotion

We are entering a new period of capitalism. To adapt means to be the fittest in survival. Melting polar caps, warm planet, cold people. To take responsibility and move to the next level means your corporation should think in a bigger frame. Since you wanted to do this anyway, now you can do it in the most rewarding way.

Your consciousness was eventually awakened by your longing for financial growth. The organization of your corporation shifts from the two pillar system – customer base and profit – to meet the triple bottom line, which means your business performs in a social, environmental as well as in a financial dimension. Your company is looking after its carbon footprint already – its corporate identity reflects the caring for environmental issues, your products are appearing environmental friendly. Sure your financial sustainability consultant will be happy with the performance of your corporation.

If our future in this ecosystem is endangered, is there a codex that lets us read what kind of actions people are taking to save this planet and where we are heading?. Is it possible to scan the objects, commodities and corporations that are out there, with the conation to do better than with the common unecological means out on the market and find out where we are heading?

Orsaka biverkningar men det är för att bevara, läkemedlet med den längsta åtgärden, developed by roberto assagioli. Genom ett samarbete med Healthcare Hub i Berlin får Cortrium hjälp eller hjälp webbplats всё лежит по местам, удобно взять в любое время.