They are standing there, under the weather, totally waterproof or completely wet

Together, but apart, independent, but grouped – they stand to withstand. Bound by the air between them, bound by their materiality against the white background, they stand, so fleshy. Flesh and mind/ flesh, no mind – which is it?

They’re the group – so still, no walkers. Whatever leaks, leaks slowly. It is not the rapid and violent rotting of the body, it’s the slow decay of industrial matter.

They stand in a fluid state of being, with apparitions and avatars in various forms. They have digital clones, materialised twins, scaled up/down siblings.

Somewhere during their travels they become flat, lose their physical properties and start to travel faster. But having lost their body, it is unclear what can be expected of them, what kind of a sensory experience they would provide. Oozing, dripping, seeping, exuding frame, carcass, chassis, cast, mold.

But there is something that never translates to images – the smell. What oozes, drips, seeps, exudes from the frame, carcass, chassis, cast, mold smells very delicate, it is a sweet fine-tuned smell, intricate like each of the group.

As a group they are stronger, brought together specifically for this brief moment. And after – together or apart, independent or grouped – they are ready to face the next group show.

Text by Keiu Krikmann