TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE/ fashion renewing the balance between hiding and showing

Here you stand, in front of your future audience. What do you wear?
I still remember the blissful feeling of that morning. The sun was up and people were sitting outside, in smaller and bigger groups, all so satisfied, having a break from intense dancing in darkness with music we all seemed to love. And I missed school. Despite the delight, I doubted if any possible party could make me feel higher in love than working… I guess that’s what I wear deep inside.
Fashion is inherently about change and my work is a continuos search for improved satisfaction.

Aren’t you thinking about the body?
Dress can not be understood without the attention to the body. Either the body in its most abstract form or the body as desire. I guess the soul is glad to forget the connection with its body, but social order functions bodily.

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